For many indications in the areas of chronic and traumatic wounds the negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) offers new ways to successful treatment of wounds.

A therapy with new approaches



The mobile NPWT pump in a class of its own

Aim of the treatment:

  • Stimulation of the granulation tissue
  • Improvement of the blood circulation
  • Reduction of wound oedema
  • Active drainage of wound secretion
  • Reduction of wound infections
  • Wound conditioning
  • Minimization of cross infections


  • The ATMOS negative pressure system is a mobile suction device for the NPWT. The system is suitable for the long term application on humans. It is portable, mains-independent and has an electronic monitoring function with an optical and acoustic status display.
  • The application of the ATMOS NPWT system is indicated for patients who will benefit from the controlled negative pressure and as a result achieve the desired wound healing. In particular this could be an advantage for patients who require drainage with negative pressure for the removal of infected materials with continuous or intermittent negative pressure.
  • For the following types of wounds a treatment with the ATMOS NPWT system in connection with wound dressing is recommended: for chronic, acute, traumatic and dehiscent wounds, ulcers (e.g. pressure and diabetic ulcers) transplants and burns.