“The contrast difference of the H.A.S.I. filter is evident. It's like putting spectacles on a person who has defective eyesight.”
Dr. med. Christopher Koßagk

Identify cervical carcinoma earlier

ATMOS i View 21/31 Colpo

ATMOS i View 21/31 Colpo

The ATMOS H.A.S.I. filter: cutting edge filter innovation

Medical technology more and more frequently employs LEDs in place of the former standard lighting systems (xenon/halogen). Unlike xenon and halogen lamps, white LEDs emit a spectrum entirely free of tissue-damaging UV or IR. With xenon or halogen lamps, these ranges always needed to be filtered. LEDs also differ in their intensity spread across the visible optical spectrum. This facilitates the use of new colour filters, which are tailored to the spectrum of a white LED and so retain ideal contrast in the examined area.

ATMOS uses dichroic filters engineered to match the examination: the haemoglobin absorbing spectral image filter H.A.S.I.