Our object is to achieve optimal working processes for gynaecologists in their own surgeries.

A new dimension of precision

ATMOS RS 221 Gyne

ATMOS RS 221 Gyne

Cutting without pressure and traction

The ATMOS® RS 221 enables highly precision cutting without pressure and traction. This results in smooth cuts which heal quickly and are much less painful. Because of lower cell damage, scarring is minimized. Alternating current with high frequency is used to deliberately cut or damage tissue for medical purposes. An Advantage of this method is the simultaneous hemostasis during cutting where the damaged tissue is sealed via the alternating current. Out-of-date is the cauterization method because of the deep burnings caused by inappropriate energy impact. Electrosurgery is widely applicable and includes many different methods like: radiosurgery, high-frequency surgery, cauterization.


  • ideal frequency of 2.2 MHz - “cold cut”: minimal lateral tissue damage
  • precise and easy handling
  • cutting without pressure and traction
  • less pain and quicker wound healing
  • enables initial cut
  • tissue specimen can be analyzed histologically up to the cutting edge
  • less scar formation
  • no skin burns due to electrosurgery
  • memory function