Continuous decontamination and protection against limescale for a long service life of your equipment and optimum treatment conditions.

Water separation and decontamination system plus surface disinfectant

ATMOS Hygiene Program

ATMOS Hygiene Program

Hygiene all around the ENT workstation

Hygiene is a key issue which has been rapidly gaining in prominence over the past few years and is now more important than ever. The large number of patients treated on a daily basis, as well as the nature of a doctor’s job per se, demand a strict and consistent hygiene regimen. The doctor’s responsibility vis-avis his staff, his patients, and himself requires the use of highly efficient cleaning agents and disinfectants.

EN 1717: protection of drinking water against contamination

In the larger context of hygiene measures at ENT workstations, compliance with applicable drinking water regulations is an issue of particular importance (DVGW, German association for gas and water, 2001). Firstly, it must be ensured that the water feed system includes an adequate “free fall distance“ (in terms of EN 1717). Secondly, all water-bearing systems must be protected against limescale and microbial contamination.

Hygiene measures for protection of patients

The decision as to what disinfectants and cleaning agents are most appropriate for a specific purpose should be based on careful consideration of individual requirements for efficacy, compatibility with materials used, active substance classification, recommended standard concentrations, and exposure times. The new ATMOS hygiene products meet all applicable hygiene requirements and guidelines. State-of-the-art ingredients guarantee a maximum of safety and protection against infection. The CE mark and VAH listing provide further evidence of the high standard of quality.