"The ATMOS ENT systems provide reliable technology at a top price/performance ratio."
Dr. Reich, Bonn

Suction | Irrigation | Compressed Air / Sprayer

ATMOS S 61 Servant Workstation

ATMOS S 61 Servant Workstation

For demanding applications in clinic and practice.

The design of the ATMOS S 61 Servant ENT workstation makes your patients feel comfortable in your practice. All the technical equipment is well hidden behind an appealing housing – however, all important functions and diagnostic equipment are perfectly arranged to provide ergonomic working conditions. Regarding colouring you may choose between more than 200 colours, so the system can be tailored to match your existing examination room. All modules can be adapted by an ATMOS service technician on site allowing you to upgrade your system to meet your changing clinic requirements.

  • Powerful suction system
  • Ear irrigation module
  • Thermal nystagmus stimulation
  • Compressed air system for nebulisation of medications
  • Innovative LED light module for headlight and light source
  • Instrument deposit and mirror heating