​Co-operations with renown corporations in the medical technology sector.

​Because of our reliability and technological competency we are building up sustainable partnerships. Well-known companies belong to our satisfied customers.

ATMOS as an OEM-Partner

Enterprises merge, medium-sized companies cooperate. The aim of every single strategic alliance which ATMOS has with cooperation partners is that each of them benefit from the competencies of the other. Worldwide ATMOS already has numerous cooperative arrangements with mediumsized companies from the medical technology industry. We only enter into partnerships when ATMOS presides over products and technologies. In our company the Business Unit OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) manages and maintains all contacts to our cooperation partners.

We guarantee with our good name – even if it is not written on it

The aim of our OEM cooperations is the development of excellent solutions for current and urgent market requirements and customer problems. It is important for us that every single solution which comes from ATMOS can match up to the very best on the market.