​The new generation of medical suction and drainage systems.

​Decades of experience in combination with outstanding innovative capacity make us experts in the field of intelligent application solutions for medical suctions and drainages.

Ergonomics at the workplace is the future

ATMOS MedizinTechnik has more than 120 years of experience in suction and drainage systems, the world‘s first digital thoracic drainage system comes from ATMOS. We convince with our new generations of powerful and cost-effective suction solutions with which we continually improve the working conditions for doctors and clinical staff in the operating room as well as the living conditions for patients in the outpatient care.

We want you to stay healthy

Our aim is to provide application specific solutions in all performance segments. With a growing expert ratio we are one of the leading innovators of intelligent application solutions for medical suction and drainage. Our customers are pulmonologists and cardiologists, medical and nursing staff. Clinic Management and purchasing, wholesalers and private suppliers worldwide, who appreciate our core competencies.

We pay particular attention to the OT- and intensive care sector. Because there is a growing call for solutions by the highly qualified specialists who work here, who guarantee a safe and effective workflow with first class ergonomics.

Therefore ergonomics are also becoming the top theme in our innovation projects. We are working incessantly to examine operational procedures to simplify the handling of our devices therefore optimizing work results both in quality and cost.
It is our motivation and incentive to minimize fatigue for users during their challenging tasks even when they work many hours a day and over many years.

More service is not possible

Besides our technical core competencies we are also selectively developing our range of services and our customer support. Nowadays no clinic, emergency care entre and no OT-doctor can do without an effective, unbureaucratic and efficient service. Customer-tailored financing models such as leasing, rentals, or pay-per-use-contracts are also part of our comprehensive range of services.