The world needs affordable medical technology. In the heart of the Black Forest ATMOS develops solutions of the A-, E-, C-and S-Class. Thus patients worldwide benefit from innovative medical technologies.

Extraordinary innovations

ATMOS has a clear target: to prolong life and to sustainably improve the quality of peoples’ lives. This results in further development and innovation: ATMOS deve­lops safe and easy to handle medical solutions which offer users of modern medical technology new ways and possibilities.

Affordable patient care

The ATMOS location in Germany is of great impor­tance. In Lenzkirch, in the heart of the Black Forest, we develop intelligent complete solutions in four different price and performance classes, this gives physicians worldwide the possibility to treat their patients and to provide them with the best of care.

Corporate social responsibility

As a medium-sized medical technology company ATMOS is aware of its social and community obliga­tions. We are conscious of our role and pay attention to ethnic business policies. We are responsible when dealing with resources and have a good relationship with our employees, partners and neighbours. With great commitment, we endeavour to offer patients all over the world access to medical treatment options.

Reliable market partner

Due to the short delivery times, high reliability, easy to understand information, innovative solutions and su­perior service, we make collaboration for customers, business partners, sales representatives and subsidia­ries productive and enjoyable.

Contribution to the economy

As one of the leading medical technology companies, ATMOS makes a contribution to the national economy and public welfare. Our target is to prolong life, to im­prove quality of life, to stabilize healthcare costs and to provide patients all over the world with access to medi­cal services. To achieve this goal, also in the future we wish to secure our entrepreneurial freedom by gaining a high profitability.

Employees as entrepreneurs

In Germany and worldwide ATMOS employs around 300 people (in 2016) in an innovative sector. In the region and worldwide, we constantly create attractive and desired jobs and training places. ATMOS emplo­yees are highly motivated, team-oriented and inter­nationally thinking “entrepreneurs” with an excellent education who engage in personal training to develop themselves continuously in a business and a personal way. Our internal training programme and the ATMOS Academy is contributing to this.