​All employees participate in the company‘s success!

​Motivated employees

All ATMOS employees should participate in the company‘s success to which they have contributed through their performance. The workplace and the work environment are attractively designed. Conditions are provided which allow every employee to enhance the personal sense of value and gain personal satisfaction from his job.

  1. Jörg Pahlke - Business Unit Manager System Intergration
  2. Ulrich Mück - Commercial Manager
  3. Ulrich Jehle - Business Unit Manager OEM
  4. Walter Baschnagel - Manager process organisation, IT & Quality Management
  5. Andreas Heer - R&D Manager
  6. Reiner Boxberg - CFO group Controlling
  7. Michael Weis - Service Manager

Reconciling economy and society

Here in the region we maintain a close cooperation with the community, the associations and the residents. This is done by sponsoring, public relations and plattforms for encounters with ATMOS. We seek the sustainable growth in the medical technology market by outstanding innovations and the opening up of the world market with our own ATMOS sales companies.

ATMOS strives to achieve a sufficient profit, which will ensure the existence of the company and finance the growth which will secure the jobs over the long term.

Uniqueness - the ATMOS innovation process

In everything we do internally and externally, we aim to accomplish uniqueness, especially in the innovation process. We know that we can only be successful, when we off er our customers more benefits than our competitors.

Our innovative products are the proof. With the customer-oriented worldwide ATMOS service and the innovative products, the high customer demands in terms of quality and benefi ts are taken into account. Thereby we gain and maintain the customer trust.

Market orientation – at home at international trade fairs – global sales network

The market is the guideline for our activities. The company organization is geared to the market and not the other way around. We don’t think German, we think multi-cultural. Our sales and service network is a global market.