With us future has a great history

​ATMOS Academy: Things are on the move!

We also place great importance on the passing on of know-how and information through modern technology. In these times of fast technological and social changes, the advisory and teaching function of the experienced, the “old hands”, has a high status especially in the world of medicine.

With ATMOS on the road to success

ATMOS is not one of those companies where people at the age of fifty already are considered “unusable” or “no longer placeable”. Quite the contrary, experienced and highly qualified employees are of great importance in our young teams and have an important function within the ATMOS Academy. Qualified employees have a decisive influence on the company‘s success. That’s why investment in the qualification and education of all employees and market partners is as important for us as investments in technology and marketing. We can only realize our opportunities on the market, when we continuously improve ourselves both – in business and personal life.

Learning - differently but efficiently

The main task of the ATMOS Academy is to provide suitable training which helps our employees, subsidiaries and customers to improve the professional competencies. Due to the growing internationalization an increased confrontation with cultural topics and intercultural awareness is required to master these furture challenges. Training which helps to maintain and increase the physical and mental fitness is also available.